Wars of World Breaks are here , if you declared war on somebody , put it here!!!

Wars Edit

  • Poland Disgrace: 4t Reich claims all Poland territory and attack the slavic country , URRS decides help Poland for save the slavs and Warsaw Pact. 2149-????
  • North Brazilian Civil war: North Brazilians claim communist and equaltity and has started a Civil War. URRS and South Brazil help rebels, mean USA , England and France suport Capitalists. 2149-????

Personals unions Edit

Australia + Zealand = Australia-Zealand Union.


Warsaw Pact: Poland and URRS.

Reich Allies: Occitania , Padania and Sealand.

The New Allies: England , France and USA

Oceanian pact: Micronesia , Tsonga and Vanuatum.

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