Este es un proyecto Económica para Redi, necesitamos el comercio de la tierra, el comercio de alimentos, el comercio de lana ... Puede utilizar esta Unión Económica para esto !!! Únete a decir "Me" en los comentarios.

With this económic union , we are joining all our moneys and , for example if you have 70.000 and you join economic unión , when you need 71.000 moneys you can get it but you need vive back the restants 1.000 in debts. You can pay a debut in 3 turno/years , if you don't give back the money in 3 turno , you are santioned and you los a lot of money . If debt is big , the time for give back has longer.

Castilla Corona

Imperio Otomano


Aq QoyunluQoyunlu


Crimean Khanathe 

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