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  • My occupation is Conquer Countries
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    I leave TBotC

    May 4, 2015 by Tonio 321

    So I think I'm causing this game worst so I leave the game because I'm tired of this game. Thia game sucks because... 

    -Unrealistic The turns including mine are unrealistic , causing This game boring.

    -Players I'm causing angry to rest to admin and players including my allies in TBotC. So don't say Oh , Im not angry with you because you know EVRYONE FUCKING here is angry with me.I will leave the game in 5 or 6 turns for say recluit troops.

    What will happen with my lands??

    Oh , so easy , I will cede...

    5.000.000 Soldiers to A-H

    Mainland: USA

    Liberia: Spain

    Guam: France

    Greenland and Iceland: A-H

    West Yemen: Germany

    Jewland: Germany

    Ryuku Islands: 1/2 Japan and 1/2 Qing

    Cuba: A-H

    Occupied land in Canadá: USA

    Occupied land in Australia: A-H

    JI leave game but I sta…

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  • Tonio 321
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  • Tonio 321


    April 12, 2015 by Tonio 321

    Great news!!! Im leaving this wiki , I'm only in chat or TBoC , but In will ignore rest of thinngs!!! I know that lot of people will be happy. Thanks!

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  • Tonio 321

    We are actually in First Wiki Crisis and WW1 in tBoC too :/




    French Protectorate of Greece

    Russian Empire


    Austrohungarian Empire

    British Empire

    German Empire

    East France

    North France



    Japanese Empire

    Swedish-Norway Union.

    (Dutch Flag) Dutch Empire

    Ottoman Empire


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