Hello, and welcome to the first Elections of the TFOE Map Game Wikia!

Since there is now only one admin, I will have to promote some people as admin and some as chat moderators.

BACKSTORY: Miguelhzdb22 was demoted from his administrator controls because he was making random people Chat Moderator without my permission (breaking rules). For this, I removed his administrator rights and controls on the Wikia, and he acted quite poorly after that.

Potential canidates for Admin, are:

Drex, Augustolord

Potential candidates for Chat Mod, are:

TheChancellor, GanDaiMe

Vote for each two in the comments section below, and suggest me users that are well active and why they should be canidates.

Admin Results: Drexmapper (People voted for him, lots)

Chat Moderator Results: TheChancellor (People thought it was fair, the other candidate was inactive)

Congratuations if you won!