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    First Elections

    April 9, 2015 by Pezminer12

    Hello, and welcome to the first Elections of the TFOE Map Game Wikia!

    Since there is now only one admin, I will have to promote some people as admin and some as chat moderators.

    BACKSTORY: Miguelhzdb22 was demoted from his administrator controls because he was making random people Chat Moderator without my permission (breaking rules). For this, I removed his administrator rights and controls on the Wikia, and he acted quite poorly after that.

    Potential canidates for Admin, are:

    Drex, Augustolord

    Potential candidates for Chat Mod, are:

    TheChancellor, GanDaiMe

    Vote for each two in the comments section below, and suggest me users that are well active and why they should be canidates.

    Admin Results: Drexmapper (People voted for him, lots)

    Chat Moderator …

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  • Pezminer12

    Rules & Guidelines

    March 11, 2015 by Pezminer12

    Hello, thanks for joining the TFOE Map Game Wikia.

    I would like to assure you the rules of our Wikia.

    1. Respect each other, solve our situations in Map Games peacefully.
    2. Make sure to be active in your Map Game.
    3. If any admins decide to add User Rights to users, they must consult with Pezminer12.

    Those are the three simple rules. More might come.

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