i will tell you why i was rude racist

So when i joined chat everything was good 

after some days David and Sunny start insulting Lithuania's army for being weak and then get into conflict insulting each other 

February 13 i posted on chat my new video David start insulting me for no reason he chated romanian language.

February 14 conflict still going on i think and i was on afk so GoldenRebel25 banned me David made screenshots.

March *day* i don't remember Knight607 gived me a link of his channel i'll watched his channel and got bored after that GoldenRebel25 bans me again for being rude.

April 12 i was afk and GoldenRebel25 banned me again so i was going to his wall asking for what i got banned then me banned again.

but finnaly GoldenRebel25 leaved wikia and mapping i'll think he is gonnerkiller jk