Hello,Since I have become admin of this map game,which is dead for now,I would like to revive it and I want people from this wiki to join,it was really fun specially because it had many secret plots done in chat and everyone was on the expectative of what would happen,so here is the link if anyone wants to join:

I will give you a little resume of what happened before it died: 1.An alliance was created by european powers,but it has collapsed since some of it's members joined Japan's side. 2.A WW1 nearly broke out between Russia and his allies vs Japan and his allies,but it was avoided. 3.Portugal was defeated in a coalition between Spain,Russia,France,Sweden and Prussia,their colonies were divided between the coalition (except for Brazil,where the Coalition only annexed some land and the rest was given independece) 4.Africa has been started colonized by Austria,Spain,France,Sweden and UK 5.The UK and Spain and Japan are currently in war with the Mughal Empire and France is in Civil War (Napoleon was killed in the civil war) The main "blocks" are Japan and his protectorates (Nooger and Burma),Spain and Sweden and the other block is France and Russia.

The available countries are the next: Sweden,Ottomans,Mughal Empire,France,Portugal,Brazil,Naples,Papal States,Siam and possibly the USA soon.

There are currently 8 players slots available,but it may be increased if more people wants to join

Note: This map game was created by Miguel Hernandez,not me,he gave me manager ritghts and left the game.