The Future Minor is a Map Game based on The Future. It will have a player limit, but same style of The Future.

The Player Limit is 10.

Turn OrderEdit


(Pezminer12) - HappyNHungry - Sparkly Venice - Flaming Ninja Mapping - Gerrard Mapper - TheCreator901 - Kavishan Mapping


"(_____)" = Current Turn

"[_____]" = Skipped Turn

"{_____}" = Break Mode


Founder - Pezminer12

Co-Owner - 

Flagmaker -

Turnmaker -

Co-Owner's monitor the game, make sure everything is going fairly and smooth. Flagmaker's make flags for nations in The Future Minor. Turnmaker's make maps for the turns people make.

Player TimelineEdit

This is a timeline of actions of players doing turns, joining, leaving, etc.


List of Turns:


Not started yet

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