-Mexico is divided and central american countries gain independence.

-Minor changes in the front in Greece.

-Revolts in South Africa and Arabia.

-A lot of countries start a hard militarization, like Spain, Turkey and Brazil.

-Chile offers alliance to UK, fear of Argentina and Bolivia.

-Jewish United States and Yemen gains independence.

- The turkish first major is murdered by a extreme group from Greece.

playerts take note of this:





Rules: main page Military rules: military list Edit


map:4Esbd7i.png (4500×2234)


We will be neutrals , I cede my occupied land to Germany and A-H. We start making investigations about war weapons for reach a new level and we recluit 1.000.000 soldiers , we start negotiations with Guatemala about be prioritary ally *They can use 0,5/5 army for reach him. We build 3 dreadnought. We train 1.000.000 soldiers for grow +1 level of quality and we recognizes Ireland and Philippines. We build a port in Washington DC (capital) and we send expeditionary soldiers to Antartica like Norway. We leave Puerto Rico and found a vassall in México (in North Captured land) and we found North Mexican Empire and South Mexican Empire for make they hate and cause they won't unify. Meanwhile we send diplomatic proposals to A-H , Italy , Germany and France. We calming down people and install more DEMOCRACY making womans can vote and do equal thing like mens. We want give a example to World for they install DEMOCRACY too.

Democratic Empire of JapanEdit

Japan , after retaking beijing , together with the manchurian rebels , push and conquer all of eastern china , and together with the help of russia , help inner mongolia to get annexed into mongolia.We request manchuria to join the LoN and we invest 59.000.000 ΔΕ to create 20 destroyers . 

German EmpireEdit

We support the Bulgarian goverment, and stabilize it, we send 100.000 to ocupy Sicily, and we declare war to italy and whit 3 battleship and 5 cruisers we bomb Rome, and i call to all allies(attacking italy) to block it.

We give independence to Arabia and we call the country North Arabia Republic, but we mantain our troops there, and we sell them military tecnology, the same to Irak (1.000.000$), and we offer alliance to Israel and Yemen.

In homeland, we give ecual rights to all citizens, and we spent a lot of money to modernize nacional industry, and we build 5 battleships and 10 transports.


we enter in the LoN and we make maxium army size, and we make 1 battleship.


We buy military tecnology to germany and we make, whit german finnancial, 3 destroyers, 1 cruiser and 5 transports.


we make 2 cruisers and we train 100.000 troops.


I win $229.000.000 in this turn, I train all my reserve and I buy $1.000.000 A very misterious sucess hapen in this year, our president and all influyent presidential candidates (Sorry bad english) die. Napoleon Victor Bonaparte goes volutarily to democratic elections and is choosed President of the French Republic. He start make some reforms in colonies:

  • Dahomey, Guinea, Mauretania, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Alto Volta, Cote d´Ivoire are mixed in French Ecuatorial Africa
  • Chad, Oubangui-Chari, Middle congo, Cabinda and Gabon are mixed in French West Africa
  • French Ethiopia, French Somaliand (Djibouti) and Italian Somaliand are mixed in French East Africa
  • Syria is divided in Aleppo, Alawite, Alexandreta, Jabal al Drusos and Damascus
  • Tunisia, Madagascar, Alawite, Alexandreta and Jabal al Drusos are very autonomus sultanates (Similar to the Canada´s dominum status)
  • In Indochina Nyugen dinasty is restaured and become an very autonomus kingdom
  • French Guiana and Belize mix with Guatemala
  • Aleppo, Guatemala and Damascus are Vassal states
  • Argelia is in French Mainland

We start atacking Lybia from French West Africa, we take Murzuk with 100.000 casualites.

We also take Rome from Corsica with 200.000 casualities, Italy is near to colapse.

After Battle of Urumqui we make a temporal Cease-fire with Qing


map:UHM5KVh.png (4500×2234)

Austrian EmpireEdit

Continue the invation of Italy with more invading forces and invades Libya. The forces land in Benghazi and Tripoli. 

And just so you know, I'm not gonna be as active on this wikia as I used to be. IDK why but... yeah


We decide to turn our eyes on Russia and have many celebrations on our victory over the Chinese civil war , and Japan decides to turn Left , we just make a communist-like monarchy called Leninist Monarchy , its Imperial Republic just with some changes , our ships destroy the last chinese navy in the south chinese sea , 

Japan - 20 Destroyers with 400.000 Q8 infantry

China - 5 Destroyers  with 300.000 Q5 infantry . 

20*400.000 = 8.000.000 + 15 = 8.000.016

5*300.000 = 1.500.000 + 5 = 1.500.005 , 

8.000.000 - 1.500.000 = 6.500.000 - 5 = 6.499.995 + 16 = 6.500.011 

Japan [[Click to Continue > by LizardSales|wins]] the battle with 6.500.011 survivors , and 16 destroyers remaining . 

Our army continues to push and recapture bejing after a series of battles  , with our 700.000 Q8 men we recapture it ater defeating 1.000.000 Q5 men including citizens . 

We decide to intervere in the Mexican civil war , we send some transports and we land att Baja california , we send 500.000 Q7 men and [[Click to Continue > by LizardSales|win]] a battle after defeating 700.000 Q4 Mexican militias and citizens . 

Our army finnaly meets the French near south-eastern china after we defeat and take Shangai and many coastal cities , now china doesnt have access to water at all . Manchurian rebels [[Click to Continue > by LizardSales|funded]] by both Japan and USSR rise up in Manchuria , defeating chinese militias . 

Romanian RepubicEdit

We order the construction of the SRD Aurora

German EmpireEdit

We alliance to Brasil, Argentina and Bolivia, we give them 30.000.000 as sing of friendship and cooperation, and we finnance a new goberment in Bulgaria and they become our vassals, we give them 50.000.000 to overtrow the actual goberment. The army reach a new level of cuality becase we spent a lot of money, and the next year we finish our military plan.We [[Click to Continue > by LizardSales|offer]] Sweeden to buy the north lands of Norway by 50.000.000$. I sent 300.000 troops to Turkey and i make a military base there, the same in Belgium whit 100.000 troops.


300.000 troops in turkey.

600.000 in colonies/Irak: 200.000 in Irak,150.000 in arabia, 50.000 in asia and 200.000 in africa.

100.000 in belgium.

100.000  in Poland.

3 battleship, 5 cruisers,10 destroyers, 15 transports and 250,000 troops in austrian coasts.

the rest in homeland, for now.


We recluit 100.000 regular troops and we [[Click to Continue > by LizardSales|offer]] germany to buy military tecnology.


We spent money to rebuild the country and we recluit the maxium army size of troops.


We proposes a treaty to Mexico because they surrenders. If not accepts we will invade full. We accept every member and we find in Homeland to a terrourist group that want make monarchy in USA. We beat him with 20.000 soldiers.We ends convince people for forgott communism. We recluit 1.000.000 soldiers and gain 30.000.000 from taxes. We declare war on Italy and we send and 300.000 soldiers and 1 dreadnought to Sicily. We create a puppet state in Israel and Jordania zone called United States of Jewland and in Yemen we create the puppet state called West Yemen , and we celebrates a referéndum in Philippines if cities want join , 75℅ vote yes and they join Philippines . We help Irish Rebels with 50.000 soldiers. And we try convince Panamá to join me

France Edit

France Edit

I win $209.500.000 in this turn and I buy 2.000.000 regular units in Indochina units and train all my reserve units.I also make two ports in Normandy and two more in Corsica. Like Mexican President is killed Mexico is in a crisis, We decide declare war to Mexican Rebels

Like we already colaborate against Italian colonies destroying all his navies, WE RETIRE ALL OUR TROPS FROM DIJBOUTI AND ETHIOPIA TO SYRIA. We continue the invasion of Italy taking Piamont with 100.000 casualities. We send 1.000.000 units to Uigur-Xinjiang. 3.000.000 reserve and 300.000 regular Qing´s units atack Uigur-Xianjiang (See Qing´s last turn) We have 1.970.000 regular units in Uigur-Xianjiang

Battle of Urûmqi:

France: 1.970.000 regular

Qing: 3.000.000 reserve, 300.000 regular

1.970.000 * 9 = 17.730.000

3.000.000 * 4 = 12.000.000

300.000 * 6 = 1.800.000

17.730.000 - 12.000.000  - 1.800.000 = 3.930

3.930/9 = 436

France wins with 436 survivors and 1.969.564 casualities 

We also see the 500.000 Qing´s regular units in Indochina coast and we decide atack him with 1.000.000 units from the 2.000.000 that we have here, we leave him enter in Hanoi and we later surround him and atack him

Battle of Hanoi

1.000.000 * 9 = 9.000.000

500.000 * 6 =  3.000.000

9.000.000 - 3.000.000 = 6.000.000

6.000.000/9 = 666.667

France wins wins with 666.666 survivors and 333.334 casualities, France stops Qing´s threart in Indochina

We also defend against the Italian atack in Provenza with 120.000 units declaring officialy war on him

Battle of Provenza:

120.000 * 9 = 1.080.000

120.000 * 7 = 840.000

1.080.000 - 840.000 = 240.000

240/9 = 26

France wins with 26 survivors and 119.974 casualities, France still ocupping Savoy, Nice and Piemont

We also retire all our navies in Indochina to Syria

Kingdom of ItalyEdit

Italy,seeing the undecleared war of France and Austria,Italy attacks western France with 120 000 troops to retake west Italy,another 120 000 troops to attack Austria and Retake Venice,Tirol and Dalmatia.Italy reconised Vatican's independence to stop Vatican attack.100 000 troops to attack Corsica and half of it to put on the Transpot ships guarded by 2 battleships and 4 destroyers to attack Marselle and Nantes.The troops in Horn of Africa attack all of French Ethiopia and they will rebel Ethiopia to join in Battle and troops in Lybia attack Tunisia and borders over Lybia and Tunisia.Italy gives treaty to Greece that they must give Epirus and Krphos in exchange for finnansial support.They build 500 000 troops in Rome to protect the Rome from French that will cost 800 000$.They gained economy during the Taxes,300 000$.


We declare war to italy and we attack cerdeña whit 400.000 troops, after some time of battle we capture the island, and in homeland we start to make a huge propaganda to protect the country and to have a large army, most( not all) of the people wants a strong spain so they aprove the militarisation, and we build 5 cruisers, 10 destroyers and 10 transports, and we reach a new level of cuality because the german tecnology.


USSR drops out of war in Qing and they will let Japan and France take Qing's territories,all of the troops in Qing and Japan return home.However,the USSR funds more Mongolian rebels in Qing,with help of the USSR,the Mongolians take control of most of Inner Mongolia.Thought,the USSR planed to retire from Eritrea this year,they take actions against Italy as they attacked their ally,France.8 transports with 500k active troops and 450k from the reserve cross the bosforo strait in Turkey,escolted by 10 destroyers and 2 battleships.After some days of traveling,the Soviet Navy arrives to Italy and the 950k troops land in Sicily and Naples,succesully occupying some land,after the troops landed,the navy travels to Libya and they attack the Italian navy there and also blockade their ports.MeanwhilleThe,the troops in Italian Ethiopia advance further into Italian territory. USSR decides to recruit 300k active troops to renplace the casualities of the war in Qing and Eritrea.The USSR starts industrializing and modernazing the country with all the money got from Qing and France,they build more schools and hospitals to keep their citizens happy,money also continues to be invested to improve the quality of the army.Note: Casualities in Italy are,for now 45k troops and 1 destroyer plus 20k in Africa. 

Qing DynastyEdit

We recluit 1.000.000 troops and we build 1 battleship, 3 cruisers and 10 destroyers,  and we launch a counter attack against the south chinese coasts, 400.000 go to train and we ask France what they want to stopthis ridiculus war.



Imperial JapanEdit

After taking Bejing , the Japanese army has increased morale . The Ruso-Japanese Republic of Manchuria is founded in free manchurian land . Japan pushes even further in china , the mongolian rebels are also assisted by japan . We advance to the coastal china and take all of its coasts , and about 50 km of land beyond them .  


I win $209.500.000 in this turn and I buy 100.000 reserve units and train all my reserve units. I make an expedition to China, moving the Indochina 1.000.000 units to Tonkin (in Vietnam) I buy 20 destroyers with $125.000.000 and 170 transporters with $17.000.000 to make the it.

Like Italy dont hear me about Greece I do this n-n: and this

I also make Belgium an vassal state 

Note: My territorial changes in this turn was:

-Take Guangxi and make it part of Indochina claming it

-Take Hainan and ocupe it but dont claim it

-Ocupe Xinjiang and claim it (Just in case of Qing colapses I forgot post it in the picture, but I anyways give the gift)

-Take Nice and Savoy and make it an integral part of France

-Make Bhutan a Tibetan vassal

-Take Rome and ocupe it Note: Casualities in the expedition of Qing

French Indochina: 51000

Qing (And Zhuang units in Qing military): 52715

Bhutan: 12856 (remainer units and King scape to British india)

United States of AmericaEdit

After lots of months of hard work we fnally becomes a founder of the First League of Nations , USA , German Empire , Communist Russia , West France and East and North France are founder members. The objective of the Global League of Nations is avoid another global war. For enter here you need be obliged [[Click to Continue > by LizardSales|to meet]] these requirements:

-Don't recognize any nation that is not member of this.

-Avoid war with another members.

-Don't make any type of alliances with no-members.

We accept peace with Japan , meanwhile , Philippines become independent but cedes Balabac to USA and Calamian Islands and Davao to Japan. We recluit 1.000.000 of soldiers and send war ultimatum to Italy. We help rebels in Mexico sending 50.000 soldiers. We makes a offensive since Tampico to to Mexico DF and captures it. (Lost 50.000) we murder Mexican president with one of our best spies. We make a tribute to our National Hero called Tina Tyson for be the first militar wome with most kills. She died in Tianjin after be shoted and died 1 hour later with suicide.

We start convince the citizens that the communism is best ideology with help of Russia.We sends a war ultimatum to UK. The dutch empire dies and is divided between the UKM Germany and France. The committee of the Nation League starts creating states and giving land to USA , Germany and oters colonia powders like Spain.We help to Switzerland to rebuild the eurobank only with a condition: They and East France join League of Nations.

Austrian EmpireEdit

After the annexation of Bosnia ,the government sets up an autonomus region of Bosnia. Joins The leage of Nations. After planning with France, Start the invation of Italy. sends 2/3 of the national army to Yhe Italian border and invades instantly. planes are used to fly over near towns and throw rocks at them. the navy is defendst the Croatian coast as well as some boats travel to north italy

Romanian RepublicEdit

In name of the Romanian Republic, me, as president, accept to join the Global league of Nations. Also, in Romania we have another tribute to Tina Tyson. We demand explications to whorever killed him.


Communist Russia formally renames to Union of Soviet Socialists Republics and the SSRs of Ukraine (Withouth Crimea),Moldova, Kazakhstan,Caucasia (Armenia,Georgia and Azerbaijan in OTL),Uzbekistan ,Turkmenistan,Kyrgyzstan,Alaska and Tajikistan are created to avoid revolts/revolutions.Whole Belarus,Crimea,Abkhazia and South Ossetia remain within the Russian SSR. USSR accepts the Proposal of Qing and makes peaces with them in exchange for money and mongolia as a communist Satellite,the active army was increased to 1,5 million and the reserve to 2 million.The USSR leaves Manchuria (the occupation zone was given back to Qing) and declares war on Japan in support of Qing,Korea is fully invaded with 850,000 active troops and shortly after this,North Sahkalin and the kurils are occupied with the same troops  and the USSR wants Japan to sign peace or it will Invade Hokkaido too (for peace Japan must cede all of the korean peninsula to the USSR as a communist satellite,and cede Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands to the Russian SSR).Meanwhile,The USSR fully annexes the occupied part of Afganistan as the Afgani SSR and the rest of the active army is sent to the arabian protectorate to attack Italian Colonies in Africa.A total of 500k active troops and 850k reserve troops are used to invade Eritrea and most of it was occupied  by December,USSR also makes some advances into Italian Somalia.After USSR started the invasion of the italian colonies,independece is given to the arabian protectorate and the People's Republic of Arabia is formed (It is also a soviet satellite/vassal like Persia,Mongolia and Finland).Money continues to be invested to improve the quality of the army.

German EmpireEdit

To avoid revolts, germany gives independence to Irak, but we mantein our 150.000 regular troops there, and remains as a vassal, but arabia remains as a colony to avoid the arabian nacionalist(that are growing and want a unite arabia) to take the power, and we have 150.000 regular troops more there, we sent 100.000 troops to poland and we gave them 25.000.000$ as a sing of friendship, we make 5 destroyers and 2 cruisers and our navy in austria is changed to: 3 battleship, 5 cruisers, 10 destroyers and 15 transports, and we make a military plan to have 5 millon troops in regular, 500.000 in colonies, (300.000 in arabia and irak, 250.000 in africa and 50.000 in asia), replublican party starts to gain popular support, and we continue helping duch against uk, BUT IN SECRET A CART IS SENT TO UK AND I OFFER THEM HOLLAND AND GERMANY HAS AS A VASALL BELGIUM, UK CAN HAVE ALL DUCH COLONIES, AND IF UK ACCEPT HE WILL RECIBE 75.000.000$, WE WAIT ANSWER.


We are claims more teritories of Russia and we ask Germany to buy Danzig and Rest of Tricity. We claimes Lviv, Vilnus and Baronoviche, so we have all "Kresy". We make 50.000 army putted into reserve. We gain 75.000$ taxes and 10.000$ from coal. We join League of Nations.


We make Portugal a puppet state, we build 5 cruisers and 10 destroyers,and we offer venezuela aliance and i give them 25,000,000$ as sing of friendship.

Qing DinastyEdit

We, whit the soviet troops, launch a huge attack in corea in January, by the end of August is fully conquered and we leave it under soviet control, we sent the troops in corea to chinese coasts to attack Japan and we sent 300.000 regular and 3.000.000 reserve to attack French troops, and whit our navy we send 500.000 troops to the indochina coasts.


Map: ehbSNly.png (4500×2234)

Communist Russia Edit

Peace with the Ottomans is signed and later an alliance with the Japanese is made,Russia leaves Manchuria and gives the occupied zone to Japan and sends 1,500,000 troops to invade west China and Mongolia,Since West China is mostly desert and has little population,most of it is occupied by December.Russia also turns Mongolian rebels communist and supports them. 500,000 troops are sent to the new colony in Arabia to secure it.In the mean time,Russia gives independece to Finland and occupies dutch persia,after Russia conquers all of Persia independece is also given to Persia,whereas Tannu Tuva is annexed (Both Finland and Persia are still unde russian influence,they are like soviet satellites in the cold war).Russia also decides to recognize Poland as an independent country.Money is invested to improve the quality of the troops.In late 1908,Russia starts the invasion of Afganistan and It will be shared with UK like accorded before.

United States of America Edit

We buy 2 Battleship and Dreadnought , the revolucionary battleship is builded and is saved in a secret port in mainland coastline. Meanwhile , we recluits 4.000.000 soldiers because population and we trying convince the citizens that after the wars every time there a rainbow. We send 1.000.000 to Philippines and 500.000 to liberate full Philippines. We protect Beijing if Japan try attack Beijing back sending 100.000 soldiers. We proposes to Sweden make protectorate of Greenland for share the control and we give Nueva Mexico and California to Mexico and they becomes part of our side. Philippines becomes a puppet state of USA and recluits 100.000 soldiers. 50.000 are sended to Japanese coastline. Meanwhile we attack Dutch Antilles with 10.000 soldiers and Dutch Suriname with 200.000 soldiers , we starts Operation European Enemy remover and since Iceland we send 200.000 soldiers to Rotterdam. I have 270.000.000 dollars aprox. We gain 30.000.000 because population is growing very fast. With 300.000.000 dollars we buy Mozambique and Guinea by 3 millions aprox ._. and we tries contact with Germany to help me with Brazil in South America. We gave Quebec back to UK and we withdraw our troops away from Ireland. We starts a campaign for recluit: Every European that lands here after surviving becomes a soldier or is of back to sea. We recluit another 2.000.000 because population is on fire! and we are safe of die. We send 100.000 soldiers to South Africa for protect South Africa of collapse. We bomb eurobank with planes. We leave Qebec and Ireland , we prevent a attack to Liberia and protect him with 100.000.Wahington and California are liberated with 295.000 soldiers. We start genoce japaneses , dutch and ottoman people in my land. Whe attack Mexico with 150.000 soldiers.

The Dutch Empire Edit

1 Dreadnaught is built with the help of german engineers, thousands more troops are recruited, bringing the army to a size of 1 million. We send 250,000 troops to China to help the Japanese advance, we send 100,000 to Tibet to get it independence, 100,000 to Brazil to protect them against the USA and 50,000 to Liberia to conquer it from the USA.

Portugal has been overrun, however, the alliance still stands if the new monarchy wants to help the just, Brazil remains a confident ally and a huge migration occurs between Brazil, DE and even Japan.

Our economy starts to boom after joining the Euro bank, however, due to this, organised crime groups begin to form (with high level weaponry).

Switzerland bans all anti-Dutch nations from the Euro bank, but remains as only financial support.

Imperial Japan Edit

Japan captures Bejing and ALL eastern china.Manchurian rebels start rising in russian occupied manchuria.Japan sends the men in USA even further and conquer all of califorrnia and washington state.We MOVE ALL OF OUR ARMY IN KOREA AND CAPTURE 1/3 OF MAHCURIA AND OUR NAVY CAPTURES THE ISLES NEXT TO JAPAN THAT ARE RUSSIAN.MEANWHILE THEE 1.5 MILLION RESERVES LAND AT PHILLIPINES AND CAPTURE HALF OF THEM.Tibetan rebels rise in tibet , mongolian rebels rise in mongolia .

We use the army and money that ottomans and dutch sent us and attack russia again and capture some land .

Austrian Empire Edit

Starts the invation of Bosnia. 1 mill men are put to do the job. sides with Germany in WW1 and set all of the men on reserve in the military. the army patrols the borders to the west, south and south-West. New austrian enginering make planes ready for usage in the war. pilots bring bricks in the air and throw them on enemy ground. german and Austrian scientists figure out the most efficient metode of warfare. starts the construction of 1 battleship and 2 crusiers. Agriculture is massivly extended to keep the supply high.

I dont sell any lands to anyone. dont you try italy. i helped you out in your reveloution. show respect

Kingdom of Italy Edit

Italy with Ottomans start an invasion of Greece with 100 000 troops in Epirus and Krf hoping that they will split Greece into two entities.Italy sends 5 battle ships to block Aegean Sea and other 100 000 to reach Athens and Sparta.


We make 100,000 troops and we train them, and we train 500,000 from the reserve, and we earn all portuguese colonies.

German EmpireEdit

We offer poland to be our ally, and we offer him to put a base whit 100.000 soldiers, we divide denmark, and we warn Italy to leave greece or they will face war, and i recluit 100,000 troops. I lose 62.500 troops in denmark and siria.I train my troops in my colonies and i send 350.000 regular troops to Irak and North Arabia.50.000.000$ are given ottomans for kurdish irak and i offer aliance to them too.We send 300.000 regular troops to ocupy Belgium and help the duch army.

Qing DinastyEdit

I offer russia mongolia, 100.000.000$ and corea as a vasall if they continue the war against japan, i make 1 battleship, 4 cruisers and 10 destroyers and i continue my advance trow the rest of manchuria and corea, i launch a counter attack to the japanese forces in chinese coasts.

1906 Edit

Start of Turn map (Do not edit) -

United Kingdom of Britain Edit

We have alliance with UEA and Russia, and We Mobilizes our armies in colonies and recruit 100,000 more soldiers and we build 4 destroyers, 2 cruisers and one battleship for a 10,000,000$. We receive taxes from our colonies 750,000$. We also declare war to Dutch Empire and launch our attack towards Netherlands and Belgium. Our forces will land on next year, because late sending. we also unleash attack towards Indonesia and attack towards Ottomans. Our Navy also protects Qing for colonialism, as we send 100,000 soldiers from colonies to defend Beijing. we also declare war to Afghanistan, and we will share it with Russia.

The Dutch Empire Edit

5 years ago my humble empire united with Belgium and Luxembourg to create what it is today, however, the expansionist Germany and USA demanded that land would be transferred to them, in refusal, they conquered my mainland and Forced me to give them the congo, parts of Indonesia and a protectorate over Luxembourg, at the end of the short war for Benelux an alliance was made to stop my destruction, however, secretly I have been building an army and waiting for the peace treaty to expire, today i reunite with my allies, tommorow the USA will fall!

A war declaration is sent to the USA, for now only financial support is sent to Japan, but as soon as the threat of Britain is dealt with, thousands more troops will be theirs.

An alliance is declared between ourselves, Brazil and Portugal.

WW1 has begun! and the sides are as follows = USA, UK, France, Norway , Mexico , Spain , Russia , Portuguese and Qing rebels , Romania , Greece and Sweden VS The Dutch Empire, Japan and Brazil

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Romanian RepublicEdit

Revolution! The rebels gain the power and defeat the idiot monarchy. The new Republic buy Transilvania, reinforce the fleet with two Ironclads, recruit 30.000 troops, and we offer to be the mediators of a diplomatic exit to the Balcan War.

Good Day!

Austrian Empire

The Archduke this year focuses more on Economy and becoming more powerful in the European Continent. Give the King of Liechenstein and the president of Switzerland a big hug. 100 000 new troops are reqruited. Mobilizes the Border to Bosnia in preperation of an invation. Waitign for advice from Germany and etc.

USA Edit

mmWe recognize Norway of they enter in our Alliance , we reclutes 2.000.000 soldiers because population is high and we attack Japan with 200.000 soldiers meanwhile the Anti-Mexican rebels advances after send 50.000 troops over Texas. We proposes to Russia create a protectorate of Alaska for Russia and me have shared control. We proposes to Russia that they becomes a Kingdom because monarchy rebela are strong and we send 50.000 soldiers to Ireland , mean in pacific , after liberate Philippines and conquer some land we proposes to Japan that they surrender and we send a ultimátum to Holland Empire , if they support Japan , we going to attack him. And we gain 20.000.000 from taxes. We liberates the captured cities with 500.000 soldiers , we conquer Juarez with 50.000 And Jamaicano with 50.000 And Panamá with 50.000 And we continúes advancing And we liberates Costarica with 50.000

Switzerland Edit

we the independent switzerland decide to stay netueral in all wars thus focusing in our economy as in this year we earned about 17627500 from taxes and we build a big bank called the EURO bank just now, only Great britan france and austria hungary are invited but soon everyone in europe will be,

the goal of the Euro bank is to promote the well being of economics in europe to ensure a better Europe fiannancily which means the euro bank gives out 3,000,000$ each turn due to austria and france and greatbritian (this didin't happen yet) donating 1,000,000$ each to me and that means 1,000,000$ it put into the euro bank . although since i control the euro bank i can kick anyone i don't like.

to enter the eurobank you have to have atleast 25,000,000 + cash. also i am lending loan offers to any european country willing to accept

that loan is 4,000,000$ and in 3 turns you shall pay me 4,250,000$.

we build two ports and decide to trade with france.

economy:151,275,500 and gaining 14,500,000 each turn.

Imperial Japan Edit

Japanese army in Los Angeles attacks further into UEA by about 20 Pixels while the navy is blockading the UEA coast.Another pile of 1.000.000 reserves and 200.000 special forces , on washinton (near canada border) in a battle with UEA troops we win with 1.100.000 survivors.We propose an alliance to Russia and we build 200.000 men .With our 100.000 men in the chinese mainland , we move 400.000 reserves and move to more of their mainland and capture Bejing and 1/3 of the chinese coast.

Shou dynasty loses to a election and the Zhao dynasty of Manchuria controlls japan.

The Dutch Empire will always stand by the Japanese empire, until death do us part.

Mexico Edit

The Mexican goverment decides to take advantage of the UEA-Japanese war and they decide to join the war on Japan's side,they kick americans out of Panama Canal and embargo them again,later 1 million troops  cross the border into the UEA and all of New Mexico and Arizona are captured,since it was a surprise attack and these areas are mostly unpopulated,lots of forts are also builded in Texas and Baja California to prevent possible UEA attacks.

Ottoman Empire Edit

We join Japan side and recruit 100.000 more troops and put 30.000 more in fortifications near Greece now there are 80.000 and 200.000 reserves 20.000 near Bulgaria, now there are 90.000 regular and 10.000 reserves. We put 500.000 reserves and 110.000 regular. We continue drilling desert in arabia and antiaircraft protection (- 5.000.000). We build 5 crusisers and shoot Sewastopol. 50.000.000$ are sended to Japan. Sorry we can't help you more now.

Sweden Edit

Sweden and Norway sign the Treaty of Copenhagen: Sweden recognizes Norway ONLY if Norway gives some of their land. Sweden gains some Norwegian land in the North. Sweden also keeps Svalbard. A month later, Sweden declares war on Denmark. They quickly gain land in Greenland as it is barren, and they push through the mainland as it is small and flat. They guard the coasts using around 40 ships and blockade Denmark's main ports. By the end of the year, Denmark surrenders and the whole mainland territory is annexed. Sweden also annexes some land in Greenland, but the rest is turned into an independent protectorate of Sweden called Gron mark. Since the UEA is apparently helping Norway, Sweden instantly dislikes the UEA and sends $30.000 to Japan. Sweden renames itself Sverimark.

Portugal Edit

The goverment crushes the rebellions inside the country with dutch and UEA support and the republican goverment prevails,they also ally with the Dutch Empire and Brazil,but they say that they prefer to don't participate in any conflicts for now but that they dislike some imperialist countries like UEA,they also accept the dutch proposal and they give East Timor to the dutch empire in exchange for Djibouti in Africa.200,000 new troops are recruited and 150,000 are sent to the colonies to protect them from any foreign attacks.Later,they launch an expedition to South America and the Portuguese Navy lands in Venezuela,a great quantity of troops is dispatched and the operation for the colonization of Venezuela starts,Portugal occupies a part in the coast and captures Maracaibo by the end of the year.

Brazil Edit

In the beggining of the year,Paraguay and Uruguay are invaded with the total force of the Brasilian army,while half ofParaguay was occupied Uruguay was complety annexed,they allied with the Dutch Empire and buyed suriname from them,they later declared war on the UEA and they send money to Japan ($50,000).The army is rised to 300,000 and they suppport the portuguese colonization of Venezuela.

German EmpireEdit

From my military base in Austrian Empire, i sent all that navy and the 250,000 troops to attack ottoman empire,2 destroyers and 1 cruiser are sunk but i lose 1 battleship for this, 200.000 men land in siria, i face enemy forces, but i dont know how many (igor must told me) and after 4 months of advance i take all siria and a part of iraq and arabia, and the rest of soldiers go to help russia to TAKE Istambul, and i make serbia to join in my side of the war and attack ottomans in the balcans, i demand ottomans to sing a peace treat and accept the offer of peace(map down), if they dont surrender they will die!!.I sell military tecnology to mexico by 20,000,000$. i invade whit 100,000 troops denmark and support sweeden in the invasion.

kwtUDYy.png (4500×2234)


I atack the goverment of portugal to help rebelds in the figth, i take Portuguese capital after 5 months of war, whit help of rebelds, and i land 100.000 troops in a colony of portugal in africa, i recognize poland and i earn money.I support ally invasion in ottoman land.

Qing DinastyEdit

I continue my advance trow in manchuria, but later i face japanese troops in manchurua, and i sent 2.750.000 troops to pretect the coasts from the invasion of japan but some land is lost, i confirm the sold of mongolia if i take manchuria and russia help me angainst japan. Next turn i reach a new level of cualitiy because of german tecnology.

Kingdom of Italy Edit

Italians attack Greece with Ottoman Empire.They transported 75000 troops in transport ships to annex Greece. They want to reach Athens and easily annex Greece.Italy buys Tirol,Zadar,Trieste and Dalmatia for only 200$. to Austria.

France Edit

I win 209.500.000$ in this turn and I buy 1.000.000 reserve units