The map game displayed on this page was created by Drexmapper. The game idea is to start a long term game with a number of players.


  • Starting data: 1450
  • The game needs to be accurate, specially in player's turns. No way you can, for example, invade Russia as Poland and get Moscow in 1 year.
  • The game will be open for inscriptions during the last week. If you apply to join, leave a comment in the comment section
  • The turns will be done each Wednesday and Sunday. If you didn't posted by that date, you'll just be skipped
  • There are no turns to post, you're totally free to post durint the 3 days period of each turn
  • 1 turn = 1 year
  • You can't America until 1500, and only if you are a sea power
  • Africa is open to coastal colonies, as long as India, but to build them you need to be a sea power
  • Current sea powers: Aragon, Portugal, Castille, England, Venice, Norway, Genoa (NPC)
  • The rest of the world can be colonized by 1550
  • You can only colonize 10 Px each turn in the white land
  • To be a sea power, you have to be building ships during 10 turns and avoid piracy and naval battles during those turns
  • You can buy land from other countries, but the other player decides the prize
  • NPC's will be like in real history. If you were asking, yes, NPC's can attack you
  • Be careful with your war declarations, you can bring an entire coalition against you
  • The army takes 1-7 turns to recover after a war, depending on the scale of it
  • How does the Personal Union work: Both countries are free to do what they want, but they are forced to intervene if the other is in war on their side. Their external politic must be identical or similar
  • You can vassalize countries if you are much bigger than them and they aren't influenced by other country, example: HRE states can't be vassalized
  • Vassals can be shields to protect against another countries
  • The current HRE Emperor is Luxembourg. He can take 20% of the army of each state but doesn't have absolute power on them
  • The new HRE emperor will be selected by the electores (Saxony, Palatinate, Brandenburg, Austria, Bohemia, Bavaria, Cologne and Mainz)
  • Economy: Each country has $50.000 at the start of the game. Buying 1,000 mercenaries costs $5,000. You can build more armies using conscription programs, but basicly, the amount of soldiers you can build every turn depends on your size and your economy. This number can be from 10 to 200. Having a hugue army can make you go in debt. Your anual monetary growing depends also in your size and the value of the lands, population and technology changes this number.
  • You can make alliances in a free way, with as many countries as you want. Try to have good relations with the future members of the alliances before even asking them for that
  • 'About fortifications: They cost $3,500 each. The purpose of the fortifications is to increase your defenses. For example. Let's suppose Korea invades Japan.'Korea sends 1,000 Q5 soldiers, and Japan has a defensive garrison of 1,000 Q5 soldiers.

Japan has fortifications, thus, their defense quality is raised in 2. It is a temporal Q7

Thus, the calculation is the next one:

Korea: 1,000 X 5 = 5,000

Japan: 1,000 X 7 = 7,000

7,000 - 5,000 = 2,000

But, here, the fortification has another bonus. Instead of dividing the result by 7, it divides it by 5!

2,000/5 = 400

Japan repelled the Korean invasion with 400 survivors.

  • Sucessions and civil wars will be count like this: Each turn I will throw dice. When the number pluses 50, prepare for civil war. The more time it takes to get it, the worst it will be
  • You can make personal unions, but you won't control the other country totally, if you try, civil war breaks out
  • The size and quality of your army is measured depending on the size of your country and your technological level. For example: France has a big size and big tech. It sends a 30.000 musquetmen expedition force to Mali, which has 17.000 spearmen.

Result of the battle: Mali: 17.000 Soldiers with 4/10 of quality 17.000 X 4 = 68.000

France: 30.000 Soldiers with 7/10 of quality 30.000 X 7 = 210.000

Result: 210.000 - 68.000 = 142.000 91.000 / 7 = 20.285 France wins with 20.285 survivors

  • You want to know about countries's names? Look at the map, or send me a map showing the country you want me to tell the name

MapEdit For X reason, wikia doesn't take the map

Players and nationsEdit

  • Drexmapper
    • 30px-Flag_of_Catalonia.svg.png Crown of Aragon (Naples as vassal)
  • IonMapping
    • 30px-Flag_of_England.svg.png Kingdom of England (Currently at war with France)
  • SwissEmpire
    • 30px-Alex_K_Kingdom_of_Poland-flag.svg.png Kingdom of Poland (Personal union with Lithuania, Mazovia as a vassal, Moldova as a vassal)
  • Parker 'n David Mapping
    • 30px-Flag_of_Ming_Dynasty.svg.png Ming Dynasty
  • Peter Mapping
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Kingdom_of_France.png France (Brittany,Béarn,Auveregne,Bourbonnais and Orleans as vassals, Currently at war with England)
  • KingOfWeliron
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Papal_States_%28pre_1808%29.svg.png Papal States
  • GerrardMapper100
    • 30px-Alex_K_Grundwald_flags_1410-03.svg.png Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Personal union with Poland, Jagoldai as a vassal
  • Gaelic Mapping
    • 30px-Byzantine_imperial_flag%2C_14th_century.svg.png Despotate of morea
  • Kitsune the Pro
    • 30px-Naval_Ensign_of_Sweden.svg.png Kingdom of Sweden (In the Kalmar Union)
  • Jaeden Cuenta Cuentos
    • 30px-Ancient_Flag_of_Burgundy.svg.png Burgundy (HRE state, currently at war with France)
  • SinderKinder
    • 30px-Flag_of_Most_Serene_Republic_of_Venice.svg.png Most Serene Republic of Venice
  • CaptainBalcon
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Kingdom_of_Naples.svg.png Kingdom of Naples (Vassal of Aragon)
  • TheRealCreator901
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Kingdom_of_Tlemcen_1338-1488.png Kingdom of Tlemcen
  • Tonio 321
    • 30px-Banner_of_arms_crown_of_Castille_Habsbourg_style.svg.png Crown of Castille
  • TheRealYoshifan
    • 30px-Golden_Horde_flag_1339.svg.png State of the Golden Horde
  • Steven Koja
    • 30px-Lob_flag_moskovskiy.svg.png Grand Duchy of Moscovy
  • Dementor Mapping
    • 30px-Mameluke_Flag.svg.png Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo
  • CruelMapper
    • 30px-Flag_of_Palaeologus_Dynasty.svg.png Eastern Roman Empire
  • Dovah Marat
    • 30px-Bindenschild_Privilegium_maius_1512.svg.png Archduchy of Austria (HRE state, HRE elector)
  • General Of Awesome
    • 30px-Flag_of_Scotland.svg.png Kingdom of Scotland
  • Emartis ✖ Arotanika ✖ It's excellent
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Crimean_Tatar_people.svg.png Khanate of Crimea
  • Marco Saletti
    • 30px-Flag_of_Florence.svg.png Republic of Florence
  • TheChancellor1
    • 30px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg.png Kingdom of Denmark (In the Kalmar Union)
  • GalacticPenguinTV
    • 30px-Banner_of_the_Inca_Empire.svg.png Inca Empire
  • Max W
    • 30px-PortugueseFlag1095.svg.png Kingdom of Portugal
  • Zephyrus Mapping
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_king_of_Joseon.svg.png Joseon Dynasty
  • Wrto12
    • 30px-Flag_of_Hungary_%281867-1918%29.svg.png Kingdom of Hungary
  • MrSpeedyD3
    • 30px-Wappen_Mark_Brandenburg.png Margraviate of Brandenburg (HRE state, HRE elector)
  • Zukas Mapping
    • 30px-Ashikaga_mon.svg.png Muromachi Shogunate
  • Fentagin1917
    • 30px-Coat_of_Arms_of_the_Duchy_of_Athens_%28de_la_Roche_family%29.svg.png Duchy of Athens
  • Igor Karwowski
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Ottoman_Empire_%281453-1517%29.svg.png Ottoman Empire
  • Sir Bombcap III
    • 30px-Counts_of_Holland_Arms.svg.png County of Holland (HRE state)
  • da man
    • 30px-Flag_of_Bohemia.svg.png Kingdom of Bohemia (HRE state, HRE elector)
  • Emperor Tikacuti
    • 30px-Aztec_Triple_Alliance.png Aztec Empire
  • Starios
    • 30px-Grb_Nemanjica_mini_transparent.png Despotate of Epirus
  • youtubepooper12345
    • 30px-Flag_of_Thailand_%28Ayutthaya_period%29.svg.png Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Delmatico Skythian Huncvut
    • 30px-Bosnian_Kingdom_-_flag.png Kingdom of Bosnia
  • Milord Mudkip
    • 30px-Armoiries_Bavi%C3%A8re.svg.png Duchy of Bavaria (HRE state, HRE elector)
  • Colton Reiber
    • 30px-Flag_of_Electoral_Saxony.svg.png Electorate of Saxony (HRE state, HRE elector)
  • Monsterbenben
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Teutonic_Order.svg.png State of the Teutonic Order
  • AmenaGaming
    • 30px-Savoie_flag.svg.png Duchy of Savoy
  • Thumboy21
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Qing_dynasty_%281889-1912%29.svg.png Manchus
  • SuperMind1337
    • 30px-Flag_of_Yuan_Dynasty.jpg Northern Yuan Dynasty
  • Gandaime11
    • 30px-Flag_of_Kalmykia.svg.png Oirat Horde
  • Chitturi Abhinav
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Sultanate_of_Lahej.svg.png Delhi Sultanate
  • Leander Austin
    • 30px-Timurid.svg.png Timurid Empire
  • Bolter 21
    • 30px-Kazakh_Khanate.svg.png Kazakh Khanate
  • Kolonel Heart
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Siberian_tatar_people.jpg Siberian Khanate
  • Umut the Mapper
    • 30px-Candar.svg.png Beylik of Eretna
  • Mart301
    • 30px-Flag_of_The_Imamate_of_Oman.svg.png Imanate of Oman
  • OmegaOstrich
    • 30px-Ethiopian_Pennants.svg.png Ethiopian Empire
  • MasterChefTony
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Duchy_of_Milan_%281450%29.svg.png Duchy of Milan
  • Augustolord
    • 30px-Flag_of_Bangladesh.svg.png Sultanate of Bengal
  • Roberto Bonomelli
    • 30px-Oda_emblem.svg.png Oda Clan
  • Nicolas-1979
    • 30px-Vijayanagara_flag.png Vijayanagara Empire
  • Legojanek2004
    • 30px-Flag_of_Wallachia.svg.png Kingdom of Wallachia (Ottoman vassal)
  • Oman94Gamer
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Mutawakkilite_Kingdom_of_Yemen.svg.png Kingdom of Yemen
  • ILSSteven Mapping
    • 30px-Despot_of_Serbia.png Serbian Despotate (Ottoman vassal)
  • SuperCrocomire10
    • 30px-Wuerttemberg_Banner.svg.png Duchy of Wurttemberg (HRE state)
  • João "like rio" Dinis
    • 30px-Flag_of_Mali.svg.png Mali Empire
  • Theconqueror2015
    • 30px-Flag-of-Indian-Army-Regiment_of_Artillery.svg.png Bahmani Sultanate
  • The Coder
    • 30px-Wyandot_Nation.png Huron
  • Eustaquio crusi
    • 30px-Flag_of_the_Iroquois_Confederacy.svg.png Iroquois
  • ReDirect
    • 30px-Flag_of_Moldavia.svg.png Principality of Moldavia (Polish vassal)
  • TheBronyPenguin
    • 30px-Flag_of_Perm.svg.png Grat Perm
  • XTunnermapper4
    • 30px-Flag_of_Genoa.svg.png Most serene republic of Genoa
  • Vologda :3
    • 30px-Flag_of_Buryatia.svg.png Buryats
  • Lotelato
    • 30px-Flag_of_Hejaz_1926.svg.png Kingdom of Hejaz
  • Manuelmongol
    • 30px-Flag_of_Chagatai_khanate.svg.png Khanate of Moghulistan
  • Knight607
    • 30px-Surya_Majapahit.png Majapahit

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