This page is part of the map game Renaissance and Discoveries. This page displays the current Wars, alliances, personal unions and pacts of any kind.

War Belligerants 1 Belligerants 2
Hundred Years' War

30px-Flag_of_England.svg.png Kingdom of England

30px-Ancient_Flag_of_Burgundy.svg.png Duchy of Burgundy

30px-Flag_of_Catalonia.svg.png Crown of Aragon

30px-Flag_of_the_Kingdom_of_France.png Kingdom of France
Joseon-Formosian War 30px-Flag_of_the_king_of_Joseon.svg.png Joseon Dynasty 30px-Flag_of_Formosa_1895.svg.png Formosians
Arabian War 30px-Flag_of_Hejaz_1926.svg.png Kingdom of Hejaz

30px-Flag_of_the_Mutawakkilite_Kingdom_of_Yemen.svg.png Kingdom of Yemen

30px-Flag_of_The_Imamate_of_Oman.svg.png Imanate of Oman

30px-Flag_of_Nejd_%281921%29.svg.png Sultanate of Najd

30px-Flag_of_the_Saudi_Arabian_Army.svg.png Fartak (defeated)

30px-Flag_of_the_Arab_Federation.svg.png Sultanate of Jysad

Scandinavian War 30px-Naval_Ensign_of_Sweden.svg.png Kingdom of Sweden


30px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg.png Kingdom of Denmark

30px-Kongeflagg.svg.png Kingdom of Norway
Alliance name Members
Anti-Muromachi Alliance 30px-Oda_emblem.svg.png Oda Clan

30px-Flag_of_Toyama%2C_Toyama.svg.png Uesugi Clan

30px-Flag_of_Hojo_Tottori.svg.png Hojo Clan

30px-Flag_of_Hokkaido_Prefecture.svg.png Ainu Tribes

30px-Flag_of_Osaka_Prefecture_%281968-1984%29.svg.png Imagawa Clan

Muslim Alliance 30px-Timurid.svg.png Timurid Dynasty

30px-Mameluke_Flag.svg.png Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo

30px-Flag_of_the_Ottoman_Empire_%281453-1517%29.svg.png Ottoman Empire

30px-AkkoyunluFlag.png Aq Qoyunlu

Raj Alliance

30px-Vijayanagara_flag.png Vijayanagara Empire

30px-Flag_of_Bangladesh.svg.png Sultanate of Bengal

30px-Flag-of-Indian-Army-Regiment_of_Artillery.svg.png Bahmani Sultanate

30px-Flag_of_Chagatai_khanate.svg.png Khanate of Moghulistan

30px-Flag_of_The_Imamate_of_Oman.svg.png Imanate of Oman


Second Mediterranean Alliance

30px-Flag_of_Most_Serene_Republic_of_Venice.svg.png Most Serene Republic of Venice

30px-Banner_of_arms_crown_of_Castille_Habsbourg_style.svg.png Crown of Castille

30px-Flag_of_Catalonia.svg.png Crown of Aragon


Eastern Alliance Chanate of Crimea

Golden Horde


  • Norway is about to fall
  • The war in Libya has ended.
  • Milan joined the Second Mediterranean

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