Due to the failure of several map games, TheChancellor1, OmanMapper, TonioMapper and Sinder Kinder have decided to make a map game that everyone will log on to play.

We decided that to make this we need a little of Good old Democracy. So choose your favourite map game below and we will choose the idea that the most favour.

Bare in mind that there are active map games for the 20th century...

The results will be collected in Monday 6th April at 6pm,

May Obama guide you!!!

-First Poll -

BEFORE YOU VOTE EDUCATE YOURSELF! Here are some maps of the ages in the poll; - 575 BC. - HRE in 1500. - The North Sea (Scandanavia & British Isles) In 900 AD. - The Mediteranean Sea in 1350.

-The first Poll has shown that 56% were in favour of 1500. Democracy has chosen but with such contrast between the people that want to play in 1500 and the people that don't we have decided to Pick the two most Popular dates (1500 & 1066) And pick 5 final options near these two dates for the time period that the game will be set in...

The Final Era Poll -

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