• Usa United States of America (Taken by SuperCrocomire10)
  • Russia-0 The Grand Imperial Federation of Russia (Taken by Nicolas-1979)
  • UN-0 The United Nations of Earth (Taken by SinderKinder)
  • Europe-0 The European Union (Taken by Tonio 321)
  • Argentina The Great Empire of the Argentines (Taken by Starios)
  • Morocco The Empire of Morocco
  • Au The African Union
  • Southafrica The South African Commonwealth (Taken by Lisastr67)
  • EAR The East African Republic
  • France The Elected-Empire of the French (Taken by TheChancellor1)
  • Uae The United Arab Emirates (Taken by Lithuania12)
  • Resistance The Resistance + vassals; The Anglian Resistance and The Danish Resistance (Taken by Kitsune the Pro)
  • TR The Turkic Resistance
  • India India (Taken by Theconqueror2015)
  • Greece Greece
  • Yugo Yugoslavia
  • Japan The Empire of Japan (Taken by Thelolistan)
  • China China (Taken by Augustolord)
  • Zedesolas Zedesolas (Martian Tribe)
  • Hoxing Sunweming Hoxing Sunweming (Martian Tribe)
  • Martian Empire The Martian Empire (Union of Martian tribes)
  • Free colonies The Republic of the Free Colonies (Earth colonists on Mars) (Taken by Oman94gamer)
  • Beach Resistance The Beach Resistance (French Vassal, Resistance against Russia on Mars)
  • England The Anglian Resistance
  • Denmark The Danish Resistance
  • Yurandion Yurandon
  • Crenion Crenion
  • Order The Order of the Flats
  • Flaga-0The Old Kingdom (Taken by CzarnoNaBialym(Igor Karwowski))
  • Arcanium Arcanium (Taken by Mart301)

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