In this page you can see your ideologies of this game:

Frissia (North Holland) Capitalism

Sapmi (Lapland) Comunism

Padania (North Italy) Comunist

Spanish Republic - Augusto Lord Comunist

Portugal Capitalist

Austrian Duchy Capitalist

Czeckia Communist

4t Reich (Germany , Prussia and North Tirol) - Imperialist

Albania Communist

The FYROM (Grecee , Macedonia , South Serbia and East Bulgaria) Capitalist

Yugoslavian States of Serbia , Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina Comunist

Occitania (South France) 56.020

Katalonia (Catalonia and Bordeaoux) Comunism

Norway (includes Sweden) SinderKinder Capitalist

Finnia (Finland and Kola) Capitalist

Hungary (Hungary , Transilvania and Vojda) Imperialist

Soviet Union (Older lands except siberia) Communist

Dennnnnn (Denmark lands and Iceland) 76.000 Capitalist

Netherlands Capitalist

Benelux (Belgium) Communist

Italy (Ferraria) Capitalist

England 89.000 Capitalist

Scottland 54.000 Capitalist

Wales 23.000 Capitalist

Ireland Island 67.000 Communism

Poland (All Poland except Prusia) Communist

Second Ottoman Empire (Turkey , Irak , Syria , Kwait , Jordania and North Iran) Imperialist

Jew Union (Israel , Palestine , Lebanon and Suez) Capitalist

Jabril Caliphate (Arabia , Yemen , Oman , UAE , Qatar and Bahrein) Fascist

Iran (All Iran except their North) Communist

Siberia 171.090 Capitalist

Hindusraj (India , Pakistan , Nepal and Buthan) Imperialist

China (Old Lands and Mongolia) Communist

Korea (All Korea Peninsula) Capitalist

Soran (Greece and Cyprus) Communist

Japan (Older lands and Taiwan) Capitalist

Java Union (Indonesia , Malasya , Timor , except New Guinea) Communist

Papuania (All New Guinea Island) Fascist

Australia-Zealand (Australia and New Zealand) Capitalist

Federal State of Micronesia Capitalist

Tsonga Capitalist

Vanuatum (Rest of Littles islands in Pacific) Capitalist

Hawaii Communist

Alaska Communist

USA 140.000 Capitalist

Quebec Communist

Kanada (Includes Seattle) Capitalist

Mexican Empire (All Central América , México and old lands in USA)

Gran Colombia (Older Lands) 40.000

Peru 60.000

Mulatto Capitalist

Guyana Capitalist

Cuban Union (All Caribbean)

North Brazil 50.000 Capitalist

South Brazil 50.000 Communist

Paraguayan Union (Paraguay , Uruguay and Bolivia) Capitalist

Chile Capitalist

Argentina Communist

South Africa Commonwealth (Namibia , South África , Mozambique , Botswana and Madagascar) Capitalist

The Sahar Communist/Imperialist

Sudan (Sudan and South Sudan) Communist

Kenya Capitalist

Somalis Neutral

Other Ethiopian Empire (Ethiopia , Djibuti , Eritrea) Capitalist

Central African Republic Capitalist

Kongo (Equatorial Guinea , Congo , DR Congo , Tanzania , Rwanda and Malawi) Communism

Pylon (Egypt except Suez) Capitalist

Guinean Union (Benín , Nigeria , Kameroo , Liberia , Sierra Leona , Senegal , Guinea-Bissau , Portuguese Guinea and Benín) Capitalist

Switzerland Neutral

Lienchestein Neutral

San Marino Neutral

Vatican City Neutral

Sealand Neutral