This game is based in the Middle Ages, a period that starts from the division of the Roman Empire until the discovery of America.

However, due to the alternative history that show the players in their turn the course of history would change our timeline in many ways

Most of the action will take place in Europe, the Near and Middle East but players can choose roles elsewhere


The game will start in 395 and each shift will be 1,4,5 or 10 years depending on the situation. There are two types of roles to choose from:

  • Nations are written with capitalized on the map. You can colonize a bit of white lands. More faster if are in your influence zone. You can not colonize lands in the influence zone of another nation if you dont make wars or the other nation give it to you. You can ocuppe zones with wars or without it. You have central power and civil wars can happen
  • Tribes are written in italics and lowercase on the map. You can not colonize white lands but you can make migration to it despite the zones can be in the influece zone of another countries. You also can ocupe territories of another roles with wars or if the role give you it. You also can migrate to territories of another roles without wars.

All players are free of make wars or atacks. Atacks are not the same that wars, When you make an atack the other role can atack you or not. If the other nation make counteratack we are speaking about a war. If the other nation dont make counteratack can be taked as an agretion but not as a war.

You are free of make aliances with roles that are in zones that are near of you. For example Burgundians can make aliance with Teutonics but can not make aliance with Gupta. You can or not carry out the rules of the aliance but if you dont make it you can be considered a traitor an other roles can start to hate you. You also can be in many aliances at the same time. 

Map (Tonio321 and SuperCrocomire10)Edit

Asensibus ex Barbari Regnum map 395

  • B = Burgundians
  • Q = Cheruschii
  • X = Saxons
  • G = Angles
  • J = Jutes
  • L = Lombards
  • S = Suevi
  • V = Vandals
  • ii = Rugii
  • Marc = Marcomans
  • SW = Swedes


  • SuperCrocomire10 (General Admin)
  • Tonio321 (Helper) 
  • Flaming Ninja Mapping (Helper)


  • Augustolord (Byzantine Empire)
  • Tonio 321 (Ravenna)
  • SuperCrocomire10 (Huns)
  • Spinovenator (Basque and Cantabrian)
  • Flaming Ninja Mapping (Maya Empire)
  • FiurerCastellanos (Teotihuacán)
  • Generlaísimo (Sassanid)
  • TheGeographyBacca (Norsemen)
  • Dementor Mapping (Jin Dinasty)

Sorry, but because inacuraccy, bad critcs, horrible map and not many players this proyect has be cancelled. If you want to revive it you can say it in commentsEdit