• The Virgina War begins
  • The World Crisis is resolved
  • The Governament of Alaska proibes the bear hunt


Popular Republic of The Artic Edit

We add more 1,000 armies to the army and we waste $4,000 to the education and hunt. We agree with Alaska and we probies the bear and whale hunt in PRTA and his puppets

Aregntina Edit

We build more 1,500 traps and want trade with Popular Republic of The Artic. I attack Peru with 15,000 trops and I waste 4,000 on building new hospitals and schools.Propisng aliance with Kingdom of Bermuda

Bermuda empireEdit

i start to build up a navy and start the invasion of florida, and i recluit 1000 troops, and i make an alliance whit colombia and venezuela, and i accept the alliance of argentina.

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