-Catalonia , Qebec and Kurdistan claim independence.

-Obama is murdered , now , the new elections , the republicans wins.

-Everyone start with 50.000.000 of military , later we change it.

-Romania and Moldavia unified.

Germany Edit

We make personal union proposal to France and annexes Austria with 5.000.000 , we mean recluit 10.000.000 million of soldiers. We are out from NATO and EU 8make him collapses) , attack Cophenagen with 2.000.000 and conquers Jutland with 5.000.000 soldiers We recibe 30 million of euros from taxes , we attack Switzerland with 3.000.000 soldiers.

Armenia Edit

We recruit 30.000 troops and we allied with Azerbaijan and Georgia


We are annexing Uzbekistan with 7.500.000 soldiers.We are now allied with Afghanistan

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